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A Brief Introduction to Ednan Group

Since it’s founding in 1989, Ednan Group International Inc., and its subsidiaries has recognize that there are three big "American Dreams" - one, home ownership, two, to be your own boss and three to build wealth. Prudent real estate investing has given millions of average people a huge increase in wealth.

Additionally, with the advent and growth of the internet, and its ability to provide knowledge based tools to the world, any one can now build wealth trading in Foreign Currencies (FOREX) in today’s environment, an opportunity that was reserved only to big banks and the rich only a few short years ago.

Our real estate systems has become one of the most recognized systems relating to consumer related housing issues. As developers, we are engaged in build affordable home across America, as well as luxury custom homes.

We have also developed a system for homeowners, real estate investors, and homebuyers to connect in order to Buy, Sell, Trade or Refinance real estate. In recent years the Mortgage Melt Down and Credit Crunch have adversely affected the Real Estate Market. Our program is designed to help troubled home owners find solutions; Quick Sale or Foreclosure Financing for properties already in or about to go into foreclosure.

We are dedicated to continually providing buyers and sellers in the real estate market with the highest and most efficient services possible.

Ednan Group International. epitomizes not only professional real estate knowledge, but a dedication to honesty, integrity, and responsiveness to every customer whom we have the privilege of serving.

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